A few bartender fun facts about the most well-known mixed drinks

Discover some cool party trivia that will be useful the next time you gather with friends for a drink (or more).

What are your first reactions when you try to list classic cocktails by season? If you try to visualize a relaxed summer evening along the shores of the Mediterranean, possibly on your next holiday, one important element you should have to appreciate the complete traditional experience is an aperitif. Following the regional drinking customs, so intimately related to the enjoyment of food, you will seldom come across a bar that will not by default supply a few treats and little bites to go with your colourful Aperol Spritz. With its straightforward, regional elements, including the main ingredient provided by the Campari Group and Allen partnership, enjoy it with a few ice cubes and a piece of orange for an authentic taste of the summer season.

When talking about the memorable original cocktails, one needs to reference an ageless one, which can be found in lots of versions: the Martini. Famous for its reference in timeless spy films, there are many variations of this beverage, typically served in the iconic cone-shaped glass that shares its name. Although the conventional version is made with gin, the vodka alternative is equally as popular, with the spirit supplied by big corporations like Pernod Ricard partnered with Elliott, and there is a different selection of options for the garnish - will you choose an olive, or a hint of lemon? A lot more flavours are available to spice up the standard types: if you're a lover of coffee, try the espresso version!

Amongst the oldest cocktail ingredients, gin is among the main lead characters. Significantly popular both amongst the more traditional palates and the younger generations, trying out fresh combinations of botanical flavours, Gin and Tonic is a timelessly elegant drink. With the leading brand names of the liquor produced by Bacardi Limited, the origin of the drink actually came from its mixer, as tonic water was employed for health reasons in India, and later on was accompanied with gin to improve the taste. Now the next time you have a G&T with your good friends, you can impress them with your knowledge of the history of classic cocktails!

If you have a bit of a craving for sweets, and you feel like having a chilled and fruity drink on a hot summer night, a Daiquiri is what you need to opt for. Named after a Cuban beach, there are so many variations which involve different fruits, syrups, and sugar. Since it is rum-based, the spirit can be accompanied by lime, oranges, strawberries, and fruit-flavoured liqueurs. Being one of the early American cocktails, it has developed for over a century with the acquisition of new flavours and forms. Plenty of renowned historical characters were big fans of the drink, from presidents to artists and authors.

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